Meet the Ki team


Pascalle  / CEO

Pascalle, founder-CEO of LAgenceKi. She has 30 years of experience in strategic planning, consulting and qualitative research, particularly in the field of beauty, luxury and culture.
Pascalle is an art critic and a specialist in Modern European Cultural History. She is also a published fiction author at POL Editions.
As a part of numerous artist residencies, she has lived in Italy, the United States, Canada and Germany.


Saïda  / Senior Consultant

Saïda has been a marketing consultant at LAgenceKi since 2019.
She worked in London for several years as a marketing consultant and implemented targeting strategies in numerous industries, including beauty and arts.
Saïda has studied in France and in the US. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing & Innovation and degrees in Philosophy, History & Literature.


Dawn  / Senior Consultant

Dawn is from the UK and began her career in London, before joining LAgenceKi in 2021. 
She has experience in focus group moderation, communications tests, product development and exploratory research, in health, education, luxury and cosmetics, etc. 
A native English speaker, Dawn is also fluent in French and Spanish.