Who we are

A strategic planning & qualitative research agency specialising in beauty and luxury.

We provide market insights and intelligence to help brands with strategies, product development, communication and branding.

LAgenceKi was founded by Pascalle Monnier in 2007. Her international team is bilingual in English and French and comes from different academic and cultural backgrounds.

We are based in Paris and conduct research across the globe – 85% of our projects are implemented internationally, including several countries in Europe, the USA, East Asia, India, Latin America, Middle East, etc.

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What makes us different

30 years of experience…

An author and Historian of Ideas, Pascalle Monnier also has over 30 years’ experience in qualitative research and strategic planning.

Drawing on this dual approach, and with the support of an international, multidisciplinary team of senior consultants, LAgenceKi has accompanied more than 50 brands in France and across the world.

Ranging from product and communication development to in-depth strategic reflection, LAgenceKi analyses emerging cultural trends and practices and explores how these are observed in pop culture, changing consumer behaviour, identity expressions and artistic or symbolic representations.

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Strategic planning and qualitative research company

Our Work

What we do
  • Exploratory studies of consumer behaviours, perceptions and expectations in terms of brands and products
  • Strategic planning and cultural trends analysis
  • Analysis of brand positioning, brand architecture and brand equity
  • Tests of concept, packaging, communication (films, prints, digital campaigns, etc.), sample and use test
  • Competitor research and benchmarking
  • Cultural analysis of social media trends and discourse
  • White papers on emerging social and cultural trends

Our clients